Mr Louboutin

Mr Louboutin-

Your shoes have no chagrin!

The elegance of elevation

Backed by risqué reputation

Setting up the rich and slender

For ultimate personal surrender,

Defying natural gravity

While toying with depravity

And whimpering financially

Because of a dependency

On sheer verticality

(Oh, how I wish that were me!)

There must be teetering,

Utter fear

Of what could really happen here-

The crash and burn of super models

As they tippy-toe and toddle

Facing all the paparazzi

For the sake of podal vanity…

But for all the consequences,

How you challenge my defences-

If I could, I surely would

Partake of all this tottery-

Although I think I’ll have to wait

Until I win the lottery…

Louboutin Shoe


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