For Sophie (Pride Brighton/2015)

If David and Goliath
Were Davina and Gwyneth
What kind of story
Might have beginneth?
How many tales can you recall
Where women and girls
Get to have it all…?-
Where female people truly reveal
Uncompromising leadership appeal,
The kind of things in fairy tales
Unquestionably attributed to the males?
Don’t get me wrong, guys,
I’m not having a go-
It’s just I’ve always found it so
And no amount of silent balking
Ever got anyone really talking.
Women, girls, ladies, females, dames
What’s the deal with so many names…?
The list espoused in my thesaurus
Really quite reduces us
To fragile, helpless, feeble felons
Like butterflies with damaged pennons
But surely *everybody* knows
The way that story really goes-?
With just one flap of diaphanous wings
We can, in time, change the order of things
When we stand together, we bring up a storm
Enough to realign the norm-
From stereo- to anti-type
Choose any role you damned well like
Don’t change a thing about who you are-
Just don’t let yourself get caught in a jar.


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