City of Antics

City of Brighton (and Hove, of course)
After so many years, I have recourse
To thank you for the home you give me
On the edge of just one helluva city-
Where one-size-fits-all is dis-applied,
(Particularly at this time of Pride)
All folks from all corners, side by side
Buckling in to share the ride;
That sense that anything goes here,
As long as you will stand by me
And me by you, sans inquisition
About our mutual disposition.
We’ve known each other a while now
A quarter-century at least-
I moved around initially
But since have found my peace.
A curious journey indeed for me-
I didn’t plan an inch of it
So hence my amazement, you see;
My accommodated spirit.
It’s only really recently
I find myself ‘At Home’,
Disinclined indeed to roam-
A feeling I had long retained
In fear of force of circumstance
But being much too self-contained
Would not let it be so
Imagining (quite foolishly)
That anywhere else would’ve held me…
So cheers, Brighton. Cheers indeed!
For home and friends and ‘family’
For leaving me the time and space
To eventually concede;
The presence of a state of grace
To simply let it be just so
Until I plain ran out of steam,
Lost the will, get-up-and-go,
-To find myself redeemed


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